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Individually sculpted hand carved wooden totem poles inspired by Native American designs
Handmade Totem Poles
by Steve Thompson
Totem Pole

The totem poles created by Uncle Steve are truly unique. Each totem pole is hand carved based on the interplay of the available resources, and design ideas that are derived from his study of a variety of world cultures, and their wildly different art forms. His work therefore represents a deep respect for nature and his interest in developing creative art that is appreciative of the people who represent all world cultures.

It is no secret that Uncle Steve is inspired by both the spiritual significance of the totem ritual and by the design features of Native American art and culture. While he strives to create his "own style", it is inevitable that traditional Native American feelings appear in his work.

When he was a child, Uncle Steve was told that he was part Blackfoot Sioux, so it's no wonder he always finds himself identifying with native peoples and their cultures!

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To date, these Uncle Steve totem poles are primarily carved in white or red oak and one of his favorite types of wood, black walnut. Using local Appalachian trees allows this unique art form to serve a dual purpose, promoting both West Virginia made products through his art and by attracting attention to the vast cultural experiences of traditional Native American life often represented by totem poles.

We hope you'll enjoy your visit ... please do not hesitate to get in touch if you'd like a one-of-a-kind Uncle Steve Totem Pole for your own home, or have any questions about the work...

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Uncle Steve
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