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Totem poles inspired by the natural world and Native American mythology

Handmade Totem Poles
by Steve Thompson
Totem Pole

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The iconographies of the totem poles designed by Uncle Steve are naturally unique. There is an unmistakable new age flair to the sunburst patterns, a hint of traditional symbolism in the surreal faces and occasionally the unmistakable humor of trickster appears in these wood worked gems.

The process of creating a totem pole can be more timeless than even Uncle Steve may realize when he begins a new project. He starts each totem pole by first selecting a piece of wood and then often sitting with or meditating on each design. This meditation process varies with each carving. Depending on the design stage, Uncle Steve has completed totems within a couple days, or it can last as long as several months.

You may see Uncle Steve twisting a tree cutting, or sitting for hours occasionally tapping the log with his foot, rolling the log or sitting motionless as the sun sets. Out of these deliberations each log is skinned of bark and chiseled until the magical things appear...

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Totem Poles at Art Walk
Uncle Steve Sanding Totem
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Charleston, West Virginia